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How to $ell with spyRealty!


Before Selling your Property, you need to answer following questions:

1.    What is the Reason to Sell this Property? Can it wait?
2.    How much did you Pay for the Property originally?
3.    How many Years ago did you purchase this Property?
4.    How much Do You want for this Property today? Is Value realistic?
5.    Would Real Estate market be in your favor next Year? Never?
6.    Why Sell now? – Passive Residual Income is an Option!
7.    Are You entitled to receive Tax Benefits for Primary Residence Sale?
8.    What is your current Mortgage Rate? Would it make sense to Refinance?

spyRealty would make your Selling process as simple as Selling a Piece of Cake by providing in-depth market knowledge, available effective resources and hands-on Attitude!



Option A: For Sale by Owner (FSBO)


I-Can-Do-It attitude for just $1.00 a day!

FSBO package includes: MLS Listing entry. Seller to provide Property Images. No Brokerage Representation. $99.00 maximum per MLS Listing until Property is Sold. $50.00 for 3 month of Open House MLS updates and Seller hosts Open Houses!


Option B: I need some HELP


You Walk the Walk (Host Open Houses) - We Talk the Talk (Negotiate Offers)
For only 1.00% of the Selling Price. You receive following benefits:

MLS Listing entry. Seller to provide Property Images. Full Brokerage Representation. We provide unbiased counsel and advice. Seller hosts unlimited Open Houses until Property is Sold. We arrange all Individual property showings for You. We coordinate Purchase and Sale agreement flow and settlement.


Would like to discuss what Option to choose: A or B? Please submit a request here!

$elling Guide


Whether You are a first-time home buyer or even entering the marketplace as a repeat buyer, this process might be very emotional and definitely overwhelming. spyAgents would provide You with all necessary information to educate on the current real estate market conditions. spyRealty will make buying experience fast, efficient, and bring as much fun as You choose.


At the current market environment, home buyers have more choices than ever before, along with strong Negotiating Power, especially those with Cash Offers in hands. Professional spyAgents would take you through the Closing Process. You would be exposed to different financial options, lenders, appraisals, brokers, insurance agencies and other 3rd parties – we would make sure to protect your interest on all stages of this Process. 

spyRealty believes that we truly could be Your Real Estate Partner in this life changing experience. We recommend our clients to prepare vigilantly even before attending Open Houses and to obtain all necessary papers such as Proof of Fund, Mortgage Pre-Approval.



Selling your own property is always a very frustrating and overwhelming experience. spyRealty objective is to make this complex process a smooth transaction and properly articulate Values of your Property. Our team makes sure that your property information reaches potential buyers and agencies via effective advertising and marketing tools. Your property will appear in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to increase market penetration and promote your property beyond the local reach.


Individual Buyers will have full access to the Property details page via spyRealty site and over 30 other participating marketplaces. Among them are such well known online destinations as Yahoo Real Estate, Google Base, Homefinder.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com, Homes.com, RENorth.com, BostonMagazine.com, Cyberhomes.com, Vast.com, DealStream.com, MassLive.com, Boston.com and Telegram.com and other notable sources.


spyRealty loyalty and fiduciary duties are fully enforced when negotiating Selling Price for the Client.


spyTeam is looking forward to exceeding your expectations!

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